Table Casino - Baccarat Variations
[ 16-12-2018 ]

Table Casino - Baccarat Variations

Baccarat Variations

Malaysia Online Betting players love baccarat game because it is pretty simple and it offers such low house advantage as compared to other casino games.

It does not require players to be very skillful and knowledgeable to play this game. The basic rule of baccarat is to get closest possible to 9 with two or three dealt cards. For instance, it ignores suit, pairing or straight and there is no busting option. In addition, face cards are worth 0 and Ace is valued as 1. Players will be dealt two cards first and when players’ hand is less than 7, they can ask for the third card. As a result, higher number will win.

In European version of baccarat, players can choose whether to stand or draw on 5. Banker also can choose whether to ask for another card. In French baccarat, Malaysia Online Betting players are competing against each other instead of a dealer. The one who distributes the cards is known as banker. It involves more players’ participation. It is the only version that players can choose whether to take an additional card. The player with the biggest bet has to see the face down card while others must wait for the outcome. However, it is not so common in every casinos.


Another version is referred to Baccarat Banque. Dealer will be acted by one of the player. On the other hand, the last variation of baccarat game is called Punto Banco. This type of baccarat involves the greatest number of players which can up to 14 players at a table. Casino acts as the banker and the additional card is not drawn on the value of Malaysia Online Betting players’ hand. Therefore, this is a game based on luck instead of strategy.